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    Peak Name: Carter Dome
    # of people in party: 3
    Short description of rigging and pole system: 5 3′ sections of 2″ PVC pipe. Each pipe section was threaded at the ends which allowed them to screw together easily. Eyebolts were attached to the pole for securing the 5′ x 8′ flag with a length of cord. 3 sections of 33′ cord were secured to the pole beneath the flag and then staked to the ground for support.
    Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional): mission statement at visitor centers and huts. mission statement at trailheads the day of the event. “unlisted” distinguishable peaks (e.g. mt hight) made available for the event.

    This event was spectacular! We could have used a little more wind up there, but we were able to see flags on Jefferson, Madison, and Moriah with binoculars. Quite impressive, indeed.