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    We’re making a trip out of it. Thursday night at Zealand Hut and Friday night up at Guyot. That way, we can both climb Hale and my hiking partner can see Zealand, Bond, and Bondcliff (all of which I summitted last winter).

    Saturday night at a location not yet determined, and Sunday I’ll accompany another friend for her 47th and 48th.

    Monday I soak my feet.

    Jaytrek – I’m using 3/4″ PVC pipe, in 4-foot segments. It’s very flexible at that size, but I’ve reinforced the connections with steel bolts which double as anchors for the all-important guy ropes which will hold the whole thing in place. Cable ties will connect the 5’x3′ flag itself.

    Home Depot or a garden/yard supply store should also have a variety of lightweight aluminum poles – as long as it’s collapsible.