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    Okay, here goes. First, start off by sending me a PM or Email me ( ) your AlpineZone Forum username and I will grant your username permissions to add an album to the Flags on the 48! Image Gallery. I will reply with a PM or Email when I do this.

    Click on the Flags on the 48! Image Gallery link in the AlpineZone Gallery and then on the “Album: 2003 – Flags on the 48” album. Click [new nested album].

    You will then see an Untitled and empty album. Click [properties]. Here you can assign an Album Title in the pop-up window. Please just use the name of the summit. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window. Click Apply and then click Close.

    Then click the [add photos] link to add your images. You can upload them directly from your computer or reference a URL (Web address). Click “Upload Now” or “Submit URL or directory” once you select your image file location.

    Once the images are uploaded, you can change the captions by selecting “Edit Caption” from the drop-down list beneath each image. Selecting “Highlight Photo” will cause the respective image to be the one that highlights your album in the gallery.

    I’ve started us off with the Mount Madison album.

    If you need any other help, or if you experience any problems, please PM me or post here. Contact me if you need me to scan print images (I’ll return them) if you don’t have a digital camera. Also, many places (Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc…) can digitize film pics for you and put them on a CD or floppy. Hope this helps!