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Myself, Tom, Doug, Ashli, Sarah, Carol, Tim, Becky and of course the Bear got sort of a late start. We were intending to leave the trailhead at 6:00, and hike the Osseo Trail to the summit of Mt. Flume, which according to the WMG takes 4H 25M. We did not hit the trail until 7:35, but still made it to the summit in under 4 hours! I guess we were motivated to be on time. We got our pole set up, (22 feet tall, will get pictures scanned and sent this week) but realized we had accidentially knotted the rope that the flag was to be rasied on! :blink: After a quick taking down and unknotting, we had our flag flying at 12:05. It was a hazy day, but we were able to see the flag on Liberty and the one on Bondcliff. Thanks to Tom for designing and carrying most of the flagpole. Congrats to Tim on his first four thousand footer! This was a great event, and all passers by seemed to think so. A few were concerned that the flags were to be left there, but we explained it was a LNT event. We met the guy who flew the flag on Owl’s Head while hiking out on the Lincoln Woods Trail. Hats off to you! 8) Thanks to all who put this together, and good job, everyone! :beer: