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Little Bear
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    I am honored to be a part of this memorial event. I see it as one small way to show our respect for those who died, and for the families that are left behind. While I did not know anyone personally who died, I do know people who did. September 11, 2001, has changed our lives forever – some more than others.

    Last year, the full impact of 9-11 didn’t hit me until 2 weeks later on my way to a football game at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. The Academy is located on King’s Point, Long Island, and as we approached the campus we crossed a small bridge in this small community that was covered with flags, flowers, notes, signs, candles, etc. I suddenly realized how hard this particular community had been hit. I could not imagine the losses they experienced. And I cried.

    There was also a small community in southern Connecticut where at a school of only 57 students, 26 lost their fathers that day!

    We must never forget.


    See you on the mountaintops.