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    Sometimes the AMC boards can be a real turn-off. While they are useful for me to glean information from more experienced trekkers, they always seem to have a competive snipe-fest about them. Everyone is completely entitled to their opinion whether positive or negative on this subject. We all have our own individual reasons for partaking in this event, whether it be patriotism, personal healing, sense of accomplishing a goal or whatever. If doing this means that certain members of the hiking community will be unhappy or bring up trauma that they would rather have or believe we support a war with Iraq, then maybe we should cancel the event. To them I say “Get over it. The terrorists have obviously beaten you!” . Many people forget that thousands of veterans have lost their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy and I’ll be dammed sure honored to carry the flag that covered my US Marine Father-in-law’s casket and fly it proudly from Cannon. Some of us just got reasons for doing this. 😀