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    Pedxing, I don’t think that flag flying on the 14th (it has been mentioned as a day of remembrance) is any more “Pro-War” than celebrating our Independence on July 4th is a demonstration that we “Hate The British.” I don’t call it jingoism. Sitting in an Olympic stadium, waving a flag and yelling U-S-A, shoving it down the throats of foreign visitors…now that’s jingoism.

    Like you, I’m going to carry a flag to a summit, display it for a couple hours, hang around nearby to explain the purpose to any uninformed visitors. I’m proud to do this, as I am proud to display the flag in front of my house (for the past 35 years). I make no excuses. And I respect the opinions of others even if they disagree with mine. This flag represents the right to have that differing opinion, without persecution, and I respect that as well.

    I am going to enjoy the day, say a small prayer for the 9/11 victims and their families, and the military personnel and their families that help to insure our freedom to have our own opinions.