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    RJ – Some very good points. However, I don’t think that Amadeus is trying to change the “theme” of the mission statement. I believe (Amadeus , please correct me if I’m wrong) his intent is to:

    • Put the mission statement in the correct (present) tense if being displayed during the event.
    • Reiiterate that the flag/flagpole will be removed.

    The tense issue is not a big deal if the mission statement is left as is. As for the LNT aspect, perhaps a single sentence can occur in a new paragraph and not as part of the actual mission statement?

    Finally, maybe we should urge flag supporters to simply stay with their flags. If the weather is not suitable for a human, it’s certainly not suitable for a makeshift flagpole which may be blown down, or worse into someone.

    I’m kinda torn here, but i tend to agree with RJ, especially due to the backlash this harmless event has received on other forums. Consistency is the key here. What are others thoughts?