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    Speaking of thank you’s, without you Greg, don’t know where we would be. You were essential in volunteering to establish the web page, and kept us going thru all of the planning (Thank You). I also want to thank RJ for his expediant updates from the emails, and I am very sorry that you will not be able to attend, but keep in mind, you are also a key person in shaping this event with your ideas and comments.

    A very, very special thank you goes out to Gail and Mary-Margret. You two were part of that special day on Mt Liberty, and I will never, ever forget that day, as long as I live. You two are also a huge reason on WHY we are doing this. With all of your constructive ideas and comments, you helped create AND shape this event, and it would not have even become an event without you two.

    But we would have nothing but a dream without the 100+ people who have signed up. You are the ones who are willing to make an idea real.
    You people rock! Without you passionate patriotic hikers, this event wouldn’t even happen. Hats off to you all, you are the people who care, and want to make a difference.

    Lets pray for good weather, that is the key factor now.