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    Just want to clarify a few things. This poll is just a gage to measure current enthusiasm, and the event certainly will NOT be cancelled based on the outcome of this poll. It might move to another website if doesn’t support it based on this poll, but come Sept. 14th, flags will be flying on the mountain tops…….

    I thought I should comment here. While it’s true that AlpineZone can’t necessarily “cancel” this event, I see little point in developing a Web site and running these forums if ultimately only ten or fifteen people will be participating. Communication between a group that small can occur via Email. As this forum has been the focal point of the planning thus far, use this opportunity to refer people here so this event can truly be a huge success that warrants a Web page and these forums. Again, this poll will run until mid-July, which will bring us closer to the event. I’m confident we’ll attain 48 “Yes” responses by then, but we need your help. Tell as many family members and friends as possible. Word of mouth can go a long way!