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    We should certainly keep this thing as ‘grassroots’ as possible. Feel free to refer family and friends who are hikers to this forum and the upcoming Web page. Believe me, word of mouth goes a long way.

    AlpineZone is currently seeing over 7,000 unique visitors per month. This will surly increase as the skiing season draws near (traffic can double in the winter). Hopefully folks stopping by to the skiing forums above will see this forum and check it out to learn more about the event. I also suspect there are a lot of lurkers on these boards that don’t actively post – just have a look at some of the threads’ view counts. In the mean time spread the word.

    The AMC Hiker’s Journal board may also be a great place to promote this but I’m a bit reluctant to post anything there as I’ve gotten some flack for posting links to the site in the past. There are a bunch of other boards out there where this event can be promoted, but again I’m taking a hands-off approach.

    Any other thoughts?