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Mike P.
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    We do need to get the LNT message out there. Since 09/11 I’ve been across Franconia Ridge & to Bear & Round in CT. On 9/29, Flags on Lincoln & Flume. Lincoln may have been removed as many people close by (imagine that on a Saturday with foliage) Flume’s flag had been there a while based on the shape it was in.

    Last Friday on Bear, another Flag was left for sometime as it was tattered.

    Regardless of nationality or country, as people who enjoy the outdoors, we need to remember to LNT. The Patriotism is great especially when impromptu, I suspect in a mass demonstration as planned here we will be held to the LNT ethic more stringently than the casual non-organized show of patriotism.

    Let’s show that we are proud of our way of life, politicaly & as hikers & backpackers.