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    Sorry I’ve been away for so long – just unbelievably busy. I don’t think this is ‘arguing’ as much as it is ‘discussing’ or ‘debating’. Also, I think there is some importance to the name of the event, especially in terms of the Web site, this forum, and spreading the word. Therefore, personally I don’t think we should brush this point off so soon.

    With that said, I think we can agree that the name will take on two parts. The second part has consistently been some variation of “A September 11th Memorial Hike”. If we can achieve a consensus on that, the only portion to ‘vote’ on would be whether we go with:

    • “Flags on the 48”, or
    • From Every Mountain Top”

    Assuming there are no other suggestions, I prefer “Flags on the 48” as I feel it best describes the event. My feeling is the ‘committee’ should vote on this as we’ve done on the other topics. Thoughts?