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    I just put the kids to sleep, now it is time to put some thoughts out for discussion. One of the first things that we need to decide on is a date. That might affect the name of our event, which in turn might affect the mission statement.
    Scenario 1. Memorial Day, which is a Holiday, and everyone will most likely have it off, which means lots of support. It also is a Day for Memorializing people who have died representing America. Someone mentioned the crowds on the trails, but personally, I think the more people who witness this event, the better. Some of the bad things are that it could be buggy. Also some of the trails could still have alittle snow, depending on the spring thaw.
    Scenario 2. Sept 14, which is the National Remeberance Day for the tragedy. The good thing is that it falls on a Saturday next year. It is also a great time of year to hike (no bugs/no snow, hopefully). I can’t think of any bad things about this day, other than there won’t be as many people viewing this as Memorial Day.
    Scenario 3. 9-11-2002, the actual anniversary. The good thing is that it actually is the proper day to do this. The bad thing is that it falls on a Wed. next year, which would be very tough for people to attend.
    Scenario 4. A day that we choose which has no significant meaning other than it is the day we will run the event.