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      We’re going to get a mention at which recieved approx a quarter of a million visits every month. Needless to say, we may start seeing a lot of visitors to the site in the next couple of days.

      That site is an interesting resource. Scott (aka Bloging Caesar) takes all of the polls (national and state by state) and, using a formula developed over the past year or so, determines who would win the election if it were held today. It’s interesting to track the trends and see how close the states are. The candidates are separated by <5% in 15 states.

      Of course, I’ll reiterate here (and I sent this to Scott as well) that this is completely an apolitical event. Which candidate you are voting for (or whether you are voting at all) doesn’t matter when it comes to remembering the attack on our nation.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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