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    😥 Looking for some HELP redesigning a 30+ Foot pole for Zealand (or any wooded summit). 😕

    Don’t worry – we’ll have a flag up there Saturday – one way or the other! But we’d rather not have to tie a mast half way up a tree or plant a semi tall one on the ground that doesn’t reach over the trees. We’re determined but running shy of time and ideas.

    We HAVE one of those 23′ Painter’s telescoping poles from Home Depot and it works pretty good up to that height. But that’s not enough to get over Zealand’s trees.

    We’d designed and trialed several total PVC versions of our tall pole to get over Zealand’s trees; At 23-27 feet they work fine. But at 30-35 feet we can’t seem to stand them up during our trials – they bend over way too much in the stand up process. The top bends all the way back to the ground as we try to “walk it up”, moving toward the base. I think they’d be ok once guyed out, but it seems impossible to stand it up – it bends faster than we can stand it.

    Currently we’re using 10′ sections of 2″ PVC at the base and mid poles; We’ve trialed uncut poles: 3 10’x 2″ sections; We’ve trialed 2 10’x 2″ plus a 10’x1 1/2″ section and other combos of poles cut in 4′ sections. But the result is the same with anything over 27′.

    I also trialed 2 of those Home Depot 23′ poles tied together last nite, only extendeding 2 of the 2 sections each for a total of 30′. But I bent the $*#! out of the upper telescoping pole, rendering it useless now.

    Tomorrow we hope to trial SMALLER diameter PVC (10′ sections of 1 1/4″ and/or 1 1/2″ poles). But we’re running outta time now. We need a functional solution ASAP.

    Is there a trick to standing up the pole?
    Does it work better with smaller diameter (lighter) PVC poles? [Is our mistake trying to use heavier pipes thinking they’re stronger?]

    Please help! 💡

    Gary :flag: