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    After a great night at Waterville Campground the Troop 83 crew split into two groups to start up the Livermore Road. Some hiked all the way and some of us biked to the Tripyramid Trail junction and put our bikes in the woods for the return. The north slide was still pretty damp so it made for a slow and careful ascent. But we had the flags up on the North and Middle peaks by noon. Lots of traffic, and all the comments positive. At 2 we took the North flag down and joined the rest of our group at Middle for a group picture. Then we took that flag down, went down the south slide and back to the Livermore road. Then a wonderful 10 minute bike ride down to the cars! Then on to another great night at the campground. Sorry we couldn’t join up at the Mooseland but we enjoyed the day anyways.