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    Had just a wonderful day hiking the Hancock loop and made it to South Hancock and had the flag up JUST as it hit noon! Ken met Craig and I there and a few others were waiting to help assist in putting up the flag, which was greatly appreciated.

    We managed (or I should say, all the guys managed, because I was busy taking pictures) to get the flag up above the highest tree on the summit. It was attatched to a 15 foot snowrake pole and roped to the highest point possible of a tree and proudly flew strong for 2 solid hours.

    We could clearly see Carrigain and North Hancock’s flags without binoculars and tried to see the flags on the Ridge and Garfield, but with the haze, we just couldn’t see them (though we tried to keep fooling ourselves)!

    We swapped stories and answered passer-by’s questions for 2 fast hours and retieved the flag at 2pm and properly folded it for the hike out.

    I was very proud to be a part of this event, and just knowing that there were 47 others out there on summits, doing the same thing was a really a cool feeling. Thanks for all the work putting this event together.

    And I even got to meet a few of you at the Woodstock Inn, which was even cooler!