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Peak Name: Moosilauke

Short Description of Rigging and Pole System: Used four (4) 4ft sections of 1″ white PVC pipe with PVC connectors. Inserrted a 6 ft garden stake through the bottom pipe to secure/hammer into the ground. Secured pipe sections with silver duct tape. Carried 50 ft of rope to cut for rigging. Used three lines/anchor points. Attached a 3X5 Flag using small bungee cord threaded through flag gromets and wrapped tightly around pipe.
Recommendations for improvements: I should have made the effort to get to Mooseland restaurant – sounded like it was a great post-op celebration. Thanks to the organizers. I participated last year (Moriah) and I hope I can continue this observance in the future. The responses of public make the effort an honor and a pleasure.