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    It was a great day! My sons bailed on me, so it was just my dog and I. The temperatures were just about perfect for the hike up and for a couple hours on the summit. I ended up making better time than expected so I wandered up Cedar Brook trail past the Hancock loop for a while before heading up to the summit. The only flags that I could really see were South Hancock and Carrigan (with a little strain, but without binoculars).

    I had planned to duct tape my hiking sticks together and then attach them to one of the dead trees at the summit, but this wasn’t possible to do with having the flag flap against nearby trees. With help from one of many great people who hiked the loop that day, I found a good piece of wood on the ground and used that to extend the height of my makeshift flag pole. The response from other hikers that day was wonderful. Many thanked me for being there.

    After the hike, it was great to meet a variety of fine folk at the Woodstock Inn.

    Thanks again to all who planned, organized and participated! It was a honor and a pleasure to be entrusted with one of the 48.

    As a footnote: I was quite careful about the LNT and even made sure to pack out the trash I found at the summit and some of the other trash I noticed along the way.