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    My hiking partners and I are super patriotic, and I would love to see all 48 summits with flags next year.

    Have you considered contacting the AMC and seeing if they would be willing to at least help you advertise the event? It looks like we really only need about 10 or 11 more teams to get all the summits covered.

    Also, we do quite a bit of photography on the tops of the mountains. I was wondering if we could strategically place place people with telescopic lenses on certain mountains that overlook others (Carrigain, Washington, etc) so we could get some wide shots of the other flags. It would require some long distance lenses, I realize, but it would make for an interesting album if we could get it.

    Of course, some the tree covered summits would be difficult to get, but you can see from my photo on Tripyramid that we just lashed the pole to a tree so it was visible: