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    Well, it seems there’s a fair amount of interest in participating in the event, but I need some help in planning and coordinating it. None of the ‘committee’ members from last year have gotten back to me indicating they can help again. I need help in the following capacities:

    1 – I need someone to be the recipient of sign-ups and respond to inquiries to the Email address. This individual will be responsible for keeping an Excel spreadsheet of the sign-ups and refer folks with questions either to the FAQ, the forums here, or answer the questions directly. They will need to Email the spreadsheet to me as often as possible (perhaps once in the morning and once at night) or when updates occur.

    2 – I need some members to help promote the event; i.e. post messages in other forums, Email friends family and have them do the same (worth of mouth), contact media coverage if applicable.

    3 – I also need active members to start some dialogue in these forums to help improve the event, the Flags Web site, etc.

    4 – It would also be great to have someone with better PHP/MySQL programming skills than me set up an automated sign-up form/database.

    There are probably some other items I’m missing. I simply don’t have time to devote to these functions. My role will include maintenance of the Flags Web site and Peaks list. That’s about all I have time for.

    I was hoping those that took on these roles last year would help out again as I feel the event was relatively well-organized. There’s certainly room for improvement though. Please reply if you want to help. I’m not sure this event be as successful as last year without some others involved. It may not even happen. Please help!