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I think all the ideas being kicked around are good and will be helpful in getting more people involved and ALL 48 covered on September 11, 2004. From my experience on Flags on the 48 2003, I had a couple of take-aways that some of the ideas presented here should address.

Publicity – many people I met said they loved the idea, wanted to participate next year, would’ve done it this year had they know, etc. Of course, perhaps their feedback was more spur of the moment, but more awareness/publicity will help.

“Target Marketing” – I also met a couple of hikers that had heard about the event on a hike a few weeks earlier, but didn’t know how to find out more or how to sign up. Somebody mentioned business cards on this site but I couldn’t find the thread, so am not sure if I am talking about the same thing. But having something similar to the “mission statement” that could be distributed on the trails to interested hikers prior to the event would work, maybe just a 2004 version of the statement?

Increased Coordination & Communication – I think the idea of having some sort of increased coordination/communication is a great way to manage people that sign up for a peak but need to back out. As I mentioned in a previous post, had I (or others on the peak I flagged) known that an adjacent peak was not going to be flagged due to a last minute cancel, perhaps we would’ve done things a little differently to get ‘em both covered.

Just my feedback, and I am looking forward to next year and taking a more active role in this event.