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    ya, actually RAISING/STANDING IT UP Initially IS our problem – not the guying it out part. After completely assembling it on the ground, our 30+ foot prototype made with 2″ diameter PVC bent too much to stand it up. It actually formed an inverted “U” when we try to stand it up. To use guy lines to assist we’d have to throw them over a large tree limb to use as a lever point. Can’t rely on that being available. And how would you raise such a 30′ pole on an open summit that has no trees anyway?? [Did I misunderstand??]

    I couldn’t decide if it’s the added weight of the 2″ PVC at the top (Versus a lighter smaller diameter top) causing it to bend too much or is it that we need to use 3″ or 4″ diameter pvc for the lower first 20 feet to lessen the bending at the 20′ point.

    Any thoughts??

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