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    I’m using the aluminum pole sections from a cast off canvas screen house. They’re 1” diameter and about 3’ long with one end embossed to fit into the end of the next section. They interconnect securely and are extremely light so the team can easily carry all we’ll need. I’ll use the number of sections it takes to get about 15-18’ tall. I’ve cut and bent pieces from an old-fashioned wire coat hanger to form hooks to tie the flag to the mast. These are held in place on the mast with hose clamps. The flag will be tied to the hooks with 3/16” braided nylon rope. We’re using a 6X9 flag so at a point about 7 feet down from the top I’ll place a wooden ring with a hole in the center to accommodate the mast held in place with another hose clamp attached to the mast below it. This ring will have holes drilled in it and will serve as a point to attach the guy ropes which will also be 3/16 braided nylon. The guys will be tied to rocks (if we can find any above tree line 😀 😀 ).