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    @LOMU wrote:

    I’m for keeping it simple, hell we could simplify it to just posting this as an event in the “events” area of Darren or Greg’s site.

    I tend to agree here. If we’re not careful, this has the potential to turn into a micro-managed, over coordinated event that might turn people away. I had this feeling when Stephen came out with the organization chart in a previous thread. While it is nice to have every peak covered, I don’t want this to feel like another day at work.

    That being said, I would like to commend Stephen, Cal, MichaelJ, Greg, and Mt.Magic (sorry if I missed anyone else) for all of their efforts this year. Since it was so successful, I think we should serve up more of the same. Maybe a few tweaks to the sign-up process, but keep everything simple for next year: One day event on Sunday. I think we have enough of a following to get every peak covered.