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    Interesting web site.
    I looked at the historical flags as I have a miniture flag that I am flying beneath the American flag. This is a green flag with a blue field. In the field is a random constellation of 13 stars. This is the flag that Capt Stark led his army under during the battle of Bennington. I am flying it because This army was comprised of militia and regulars from New England. It was a dark moment. The biggest land invasion of the war was underway. The Americans were up against proffesional soldiers and mercenaries. At the end of the day the enemy was defeated as they were a few weeks later at Saratoga, the turning point of the war. This flag to me shows what Americans can in the darkest hour when we are united.

    Incidently the flag known as the Bennington flag (it has the 76 in the field” was made after the battle and brought into the public eye for the centenial. The plack at the Bennington museum explains this.

    Good luck to everyone… can’t way to meet you Sat night.