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Waking up to a beautiful day, we made the short drive down Zealand RD to Hale Brook Trail. We made it to the peak in time to set up by Noon, even with the 130 pictures I took on the way up. I had to make sure I had enough pictures of the trail to show my brother who could not come due to a knee injury. We had about 20 visitors to the top and a few helped us put the flag up tall and proud. Many stayed longer than they normally would have. We received a lot of thank you’s, and Jenifer/June? (sorry if that’s not right, I was still outtabreath when we spoke) gave us a copy of all the verses of the Star Spangled Banner, and told us how MichaelJ sang last year. I’m sure had I tried to emmulate MichaelJ, I would have cleared the peak pretty quickly.
There were a few moist eyes for sure, and the folding of the Flag was kind of surreal for me. All I could hear in my mind was “With the Respect and Gratitude of … “. Thanks for letting us participate, and we will be there again next year. Pictures should be posted tomorrow.