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Mother nature came through with a spendid day as our group started up the Ammomusuc Trail. Lots of hikers out on the trail. We met Garrett early on and exchanged hellos. Further up the trail at the Gem pool our group split up and Brian and I went ahead while Cathie hung back with Sarah. The trail was very wet after the Gem Pool but the views soon began to open up. We met Lisa about 500 yards from the hut and went up to the hut together to regroup for the summit. Upon arriving at the summit, Garrett had most of his gear and pole already setup. SherpaKroto was there(and no I did not know you from your waistline 🙄 ) and soon the flags went up as Gary belted on his clarinet. The Star Spangled Banner never sounded so perfect to hear. Gary continued to treat us to his music and Cathie soon made her way to the summit. Eisenhower and Isolation flags jumped out and Pierce, Jackson, and Jefferson could be seen with binoculars. At 2:00 Gary played Taps and the flags came down. We made our way to the Mooseland and enjoyed everyone’s company. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the mountains.