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Welcome and THANK YOU for your interest. Everyone’s summit display is unique. Some persons will search out the true summit and fly a flag from there. Others will find the most convienent spot nearby the summit and fly from there. Whatever you choose to do is entirely your decision. If I remember correctly, the canopy at the top of Galehead is thick. It may be difficult to poke a flag through there or find a tree that is climbable. Some folks use telescoping roof-rakes to fly a flag from and that might work there. Personally, I would bring two flags. A small one to bring to the actual summit and maybe bungie-cord to a tree with the Summit Signs that we have made up. Then I would fly a flag from the lookout using the pole that I normally use. ( 10 foot long electrical Conduit pipe). If you can get it high enough, it would make for a nice picture, should one in your party hike back to Galehead Hut and take a shot from there. Again, it is entirely up to you and your party how you choose to fly the flag