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    Alright here’s the dilly-yo, wait a second, I’m home and not at the club. Here’s the scoop….although my kids I work with would be proud of my use of slang!

    I’m going to get a bunch of T-Shirts done. 72 to be exact. Cost will be at cost and distribution will be at the Mooseland when my crew arrives.

    WHEN I run out, I am happy to take orders via email the following week. Every time the order goes over 12 I will have them available in a week. At the Mooseland, sizes will range, but count on plenty of options. Especially XL, XXL and dare I say…XXXL?

    The design(s) are much (exactly) like the patches Frodo got last year….and incorporate the mission statement. The one for last year. Sorry, that’s all I had on hand.

    Truth be told I was doing T-shirts this year for distribution at the Mooseland and to avoid doubling up as it were, I can let it be known now. Damn it…it was going to be a surprise!! 😥

    I would rather not take orders now…to some this would make some sense, but I have done this type of thing before…and to me at least…logistically…this is the way to go. Also input on design…while appreciated…in the interest of time constraints…well…believe me… you will be happy.

    If anyone, and I do me anyone wants to take this on…I say “Go for it”. It is not in my nature to step on toes, go above my station or anything like that.

    This event is very special to me as I am sure all of you. I have told this story before…My wife and I were in the backcountry of Olympia NP and did not find out about the tragedy till 3 full days after the fact.

    Taking on logisics for T-shirts is the least I can do.