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    @Frodo wrote:

    I like both Stephen’s and SilentCal’s suggestions, so why not combine the two?

    Certain people who have already signed up might not want other hikers to join them, so to allow other hikers to join without their permission might not be fair.

    What about this, once all of the peaks are officially taken, email all of the primary flagbearers and ask if it is ok for other interested hikers to join them.

    Generate a new sign-up list for participating (the word backup might deter people) hikers. Then we promote to the popular regional websites, and allow all to participate for the peaks that are willing to accept company.

    For each peaks organizational details, follow up with detailed discussions in the forums or email.

    One thing that we can’t take for granted is that just because all of the peaks are taken on the sign-up form that everything will turn out. In 2001, 11 people signed up to climb Liberty, and only 6 showed. In 2002, all 48 peaks were taken, yet only 39 were confirmed. In 2003, 40 peaks were taken with 37 confirmed.

    This year, on the 3rd anniversary, lets make the White Mountains, America, the veterans who sacrifice for our freedom, and all of the people who lost loved ones on Sept, 11, 2001 proud by covering them ALL…

    All great thoughts, Frodo. I thinks it’s a perfect approach.

    BTW, kudos to you for being able to put a 2001 entry in your sig. You truly are one of the catalysts of this whole thing… :beer: