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    I’m amazed at how well the sign up is going. Y’all have done an incredible job.

    @smitty77 wrote:

    As for the reserved peaks, has anyone inquired or are they still open?

    I may end up signing up for a reserved peak if its available later on. At this point, I am hoping to be in shape to reach a peak under my own steam, but don’t want to sign up for one when I’m not sure I’ll make it. It is however real motivation for me to work hard on my rehab. If all the peaks are taken when I make up my mind, I’ll be happy to join someone else – or maybe take up slack if there is a last minute cancellation.

    BTW: I think it would help for people to agree to post cancellations, even last minuite ones, so that someone else can take it. Maybe some groups who are doing a peak would be willing to split up in order to pick up slack in the event of cancellation.