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Interesting…IMHO…here’s a different POV.

While I understand people wanting perhaps to do certain peaks every year and …I’ll agree that perhaps some should be able to do this (speaks to tradition)…but I personally think early sign-ups, (outside the public) give the appearance of preferential treatment and down the road a few years from now I think that can lead to some challenges. Also…who will decide? I would hate to have to be the one to choose between let’s say 3 heart wrenching stories.

Publicity. I was thinking that those who are interested should let their local community paper(s) know what they are doing. Small, home grown papers love this stuff.

I believe the success of this event, outside the actual day of course, is the buy-in from participants. Being part of something. Pre/Post-event gatherings, better overall communications (mentioned before), Frodo’s patches…etc…are IMMHO…what makes people want to come back.

Has an “All Crew” meeting been mentioned yet? It would be nice…again buy-in…if all the crews were to meet up the morning of the event for a memorial service, pep talk, recognizing certain people, whatever. Logistically challenging but I think it could be done.

I do enjoy discussing this.