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Lots of interesting ideas and issues have been brought forth. I think the sign-ups do have to be done a little differently to react to the diverse amount of hiking experience a group may have and how much experience they have with the event itself. I’d be willing to volunteer to be one of the peak coordinators to help out with the logistics. I personally feel that Stephen and Greg did a butt-kicking job on the computer sign-up side of this event. After initial sign-ups, however, they can pass the torch to one of the coordinators to keep everone of the same page.
Anyone have a problem with the May 8th weekend? The Huts will still be closed but Lonesome, Zealand and Carter Notch would be availible for self-service. We could also grab a couple spots at a campground and toss ideas over a campfire. Anyone got any other ideas? Maybe we should poll this out?