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I think I may have been a little unclear in my last post. I think that the8re and Greg and all the folks that put their time and efforts into organizing this event did a fantastic job, and I am grateful that I could be a part of it. When I mentioned “Increased Coordination & Communication” I was referring to a previous suggestion of having peak coordinators who would be able to monitor coverage & communication for an assigned group of peaks. I too agree that cluttering mailboxes is not necessary, but a coordinator might be able to put together a quick back-up plan for any last minute cancels. For example, let’s say Team Eisenhower has to back out a day or two prior. They would let the coordinator know, and he/she might then be able to find potential replacements. Perhaps the team covering a nearby peak could split up in order to cover Ike? Just an idea.

PS – got a card in the mail last week, with some new pictures from a woman I met on the hike, and posted the new pics in the gallery. The pics are pretty good, but the card was even better, thanking me (and really all of us involved) for our efforts in doing this.