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    I’m in agreement. Partitioning off the peaks will definitely help with overseeing the planning, allowing for greater detail. I might break down the list a little differently, basing it a little more on trailhead than destination. Ie, group together Twins, Galehead, Hale, Zealand, Garfield; Tom, Field, Willey with Pierce and Jackson; Ike & Monroe with Washington & Northerns. I have no real justification for this other than thinking that having the same person coordinate hiking in from the north along Rte 3 as well as from Lincoln Woods seemed odd.

    I especially think the signup levels will draw more people in. I’m sure there are folks who’d love to commit to hike a summit for this event but would prefer not to have to deal with planning/getting a flag & pole. Now, you’ll be able to sign up for a peak or area and just be there to help out, not have to coordinate.

    May 8, eh? Sounds good to me! Is this going to be a gathering in civilization, at a campground, or at a hut?