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Hello all. I’ve been silent on all of this planning stuff as mostly I’ve been evaluating my potential role(s) in the next event. Not to mention I just moved my family of 5 from Rollinsford to Dover. While it may be a hop, skip and a jump away, it’s still an adventure, as none of my children have known another home than our “red house”.

Anyhow, I have to say I like the way this is turning. Most of my ideas combine the many that have been mentioned.

I think we should have the option at signup to select a single mountain, join the pool for an area (as listed above), or to indicate “wherever I am needed”.

Next, an indication of difficulty might be good for those joining the pool. That is, if someone joins a pool or is a whereever hiker, allow them to inidicate their maximum difficulty level, so that they will not be assigned a peak that they give up on. Remember our goal is not to just have each peak assigned, but rather, to ensure that a flag makes it up there.

Finally, we should make a list of the target peaks (those which have been missed the past 2 events” and the targeted peaks (those that are most likely to be covered or over-covered, or that have non-hiking access). Having these lists available might help encourage more experienced hikers to go for the target peaks and leave the targeted peaks for the lesser-experienced or late-comers.

We should also start a program whereby people who wish to participate but cannot hike, or aren’t interested, can donate/loan flags or poles. They could also host a campsite and/or meal for the hikers.

So, to sum up, the two major issues (IMHO) to be addressed at the planning meeting (which I am looking forward to attending) are:

1) 100% peak coverage, that is, a flag on each peak
A. remote/difficult/viewless peak coverage
B. dropout avoidance
2) Non-hiker participation

There may be other issues I’ve missed, but I don’t mind starting to build the agenda! 🙂