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    A planning party is something that has been mentioned in the past, and is a great excuse to get away for a weekend. I will not be available from late May thru most of June, but If you plan one earlier, I’ll be there 🙂

    My biggest concern over the last 2 years has been people who sign up (mostly for major peaks like Washington and Adams) and do not show up 🙁 . In 2002, Adams, Jefferson, and Washington did not ever have any confirmation, and these are the 3 highest peaks in the Northeast!

    In 2003, Adams, Pierce, and Washington were left out. People tend to sign up becuse these peaks are available, but for whatever reason don’t make it. I hope to show justice on Adams next year…

    I think that if we had peak coordinators (people assigned to organize a region of peaks, one of which they would hike, and communicated closely with the rest of the peak supporters in that region), we would minimize the no-shows, and would likely find out about them in advance enabling us to fill them in…

    Which brings us to the other problem… enough support to cover them all. In 2002 we had all the peaks covered on paper, but it did not turn out that way….

    All of you have great ideas on how to expand this event. Lets work over the winter to expand these ideas and make the next Sept 11 a day that no one ever forgets….

    More to follow soon…