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    Imagine that? Hot Stove Flags on the 48, How funny is that?

    I like your first idea Jaytrek. I would suggest though that someone in the group be a ‘veteran’ of this event. That way it could provide for some questions being answered and swapping of stories of past events. I could see this happening.

    I was thinking along the same line as you were on your second point. I am biting the bullet this coming year and doing a not so popular summit. I think however that the more popular summits of the Franconias and Pressies need to have ‘veteran’ support. Your flag display on Lafayette and the Conn. Trampers display on Lincoln were great to have in high traffic areas. It puts an idea in people’s head and get word of mouth moving. How about making a weekend project of this. The Summits that don’t get flags on Saturday can be done on Sunday by any nuts willing to hike back to back.

    I’m not sold on your last idea. I think we don’t have enough core groups to do that yet. It may work down the road but we need to get support on all the summits first and have leftovers for everyone.

    Greg’s idea of business cards in hindsight was something that could have been very beneficial. I didn’t think it would work at first but after recieving some personal cards from hikers, i think it could help us.

    If all summits are covered the first day, It would be great to get a group flag raising on Mt. Liberty to remember that first group of hikers.