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    As I am finally unpacked from our big move and all settled in (well …relatively) I thought I’d write down some more of my thoughts in the interest of keeping the discussion going. As a veteran (Army) I can think of no better day than today (plus I have the day off) to sit back with some Clapton on and just give my $.02. Sorry if it is long or duplicates some already great ideas.

    First…I was thinking during the sign-up phase in addition to picking/signing up for a peak…a person could sign-up for a “group”. For discussion sake…let’s call them “Provo”. Ideally this group would be for the people w/o a crew per/ce, people that can’t get a crew together, want to meet new people, shy or whatever the reason. They are by themselves but still want to partake in the event…but again for whatever reason need to be with a group. Once the Provo group reaches let’s say…5-6 people then they are assigned a peak and you could start Provo2, 3 etc.. This gives immediate buy-in and support for the next year…they might even become their own crew in years to come. I like it as well b/c….I do believe the majority of sign-ups come with a built in crew behind it (does that make sense). This will allow individuals greater opportunity as well to participate.

    Second…and I think this has been mentioned in one form already. Have a “Special Operations” group sign-up. This could be crews willing to hit the peaks not yet signed up for as the event approaches. Yeah…it would be pretty much last second…but it gives longer availability on popular peaks and speaks more so to the nature of the event (MO anyways). It would probably again boil down to the peaks that were not covered this year, but I for one would be willing to “do a year” on this and think it is important for other relatively able backpackers to do the same…while were able. I hope that all made sense.

    Lastly…and this might be out there. For the sign-ups have 4 designations for the peaks. 1. Easy 2. Medium 3. Challenging 4. Difficult or what have you. Have crews sign-up for these designations…then have a LOTTERY to see what peak you will get for that year. Why I am intrigued by this idea. Well I think again it speaks to the spirit of the event…it is not so much the peak you get but the participation in the event itself. It mixes it up. While I am sure there are some that would like to do the same peak (tradition)((perhaps waivers??)), I also think some might want the chance to do the peaks that are signed up the quickest and they are shut-out. This gives everyone a fair shot so to speak. Lastly… is an excuse to throw a party! :beer: Imagine sometime in July/August having a get together to have the lottery and what peak you get. To me at least I think there are some great opportunities there.

    Again sorry so long…I LOVE logistics. Also…however it is done…I will be there for this event!!