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    LOMU, sorry for the word mixup. By sponsoring a peak, I meant signing up for one. I think that a gathering to plan or even just get together and swap stories by the fire is a great idea. Count me in wherever. MtnMagic’s description sounds awfully inviting. The “views from the top” board has two gatherings a year for their crew. Does anyone go to that? Many we could ask for their help next year.
    Ditto Frodo’s idea of flying the flag from scenic outposts near the summit. Personally if I had Whiteface I would fly from the south summit and run a smaller flag with a mission statement over to the true summit and retrive it later. I guess it’s up to the person who signs up for the peak as to how they wish to make their presentation.
    Maybe the signup be done differently to accomadate those who are non-hikers. We can mention that you don’t have to be a hiker to do Cannon, Washington or Wildcat D. If we put this on the promotion flyer sheet , it may not make it sound as daunting to take part. Also a section on the sign-up to allow for newer hikers to take easier mts. Maybe I’m getting to ahead on this but I think some people were put off by lots of the easier and more scenic summits going very early. I’m sure late in the game, someone looked at the peak sheet and said “dang those are all hard or obstructed view peaks.” and did not take part because of it. Maybe I’m wrong on that count but it matters some thought.
    We’ve got lots of time to think this over. We started last year in the middle of June and still did quite well. Having September 11th on a Saturday next year will certainly make it more meaningful. Let’s not lose sight of that.