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    Excellent post SilentCal!

    1) I would be up for getting together and discussing the planning next year, but keep in mind that alot of it can be done online. When we first organized this thing, we talked about getting together to do some planning, but soon realized that we could be more efficient online. I am certainly not opposed to getting together, infact if you set a date and place I will be there. 🙂

    2) I like the idea of starting the promotions earlier, like maybe Memorial Day.

    3) Flyers are something we have never done and I think that they would be successful. We have to start using other methods than mainly hiking BB’s. We also have to be careful about over promoting on the BB’s if we start early.

    4) I totally agree

    5) Maybe we should add something about this to the Q&A. We do have a few scout troops participate every year. We also should contact the Boy/Girl Scouts of America and see if they can get the word out to all of their NE chapter leaders.

    6) Not only the obscure, but also some of the tougher peaks like Adams this year, and Jefferson last year (both were supported, but it doesn’t appear that a flag actually made it to the top ). We need to emphasize that if people can’t make it, they have to let us know and have their named removed from the sign-up list. I also think that on peaks like Whiteface, Passaconaway, N. Hancock. etc, (where the summits are wooded but have a clearing nearby) people should fly the flags on the scenic outlook and not the theoretical summit. They are close enough, and it might get more people interested in those types of peaks.

    7) We can try and make it a weekend event, though many of the people who participate live within an hour or 2 drive. Don’t know what we would get for a turnout.

    8. Great Idea! Also keep in mind that word of mouth goes a long way. The publicity was better this year, yet we had less of a turnout. I think much of that is due to people becoming more complacent as time goes by… Kinda sad 😥

    9) Even though I don’t have the original flag, I do have the original flagpole which has been used all 3 times. No matter what ends up happening with this event, I will still be heading up a different mountain every year with my flag (around September 11th) for the rest of my life, or as long as I physically am able…