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    I do believe that this event will blossom further and further. We, as in this hiking community, can not let these memories be forgotten. We need to remember all the nice things that people told us when they saw our flags. Those warm remarks should be the fuel that keeps this event going. I hope to someday take my nephew ( my sister is due in december) up to a summit for Flags day and let him experience what hiking is all about. With that said here are some of my Thank you’s
    Greg – Thanks for this website and all of the effort you put into it. We voted at Mooseland Grill that next year you have to be around for the after-event so you can be thanked personally for your 2+plus years of time that you dedicated to this event.
    Stephen – You really got the ball rolling this year and did a fantastic job with all the promotion and behind the scenes work. Your computer savvy really helped to get his event noticed.
    Frodo – Three cheers to the linguistic scribe who wrote the history for this event.
    All the Flagbearers – a job well done by all!!!!
    Grizzlymama – This is not a thank you in a nice way but thanks for making a lot of us so dammed angry that we wouldn’t let this event die because of anyone’s petty narrowmindedness. Your negativity only made this event stronger and for that I say “thanks a lot!”