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Peak Name: Flume

Short description of rigging and pole system: A fault tolerant, reconfigurable, lightweight pole system. Possibly a bit over-engineered, but it was a fun project with my kids. The pole consisted of 6 sections of 4-foot schedule 40 1 1/4 inch grey bell style PVC. Standard config was 20 feet with 1 spare section. High wind config was 12 feet and doubled the width of the pole. I found that the bell fittings were so snug that the re-enforcement clamps were not needed. Pole used eye-bolts for flag and guy-line attachment. Flag rigged to pole using carabiners.
Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional): I suggest that we update the mission statement to include some of the text that appears in the press release. In particular, the last part of the following sentence:

On September 13, 2003, we are continuing this memorial to unite the hiking community in a show of support to all of the families and communities who suffered tragic losses that day, and to all of the people who have died serving this great country to preserve our freedom.