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    Me and my friend Dawna started the morning at the Osceola trail head around 9:00. Many hikers coming down the trail wondered about the “bag pipes” sticking out of my pack! When we reached the summit of Osceola first, a few hikers at the summit had been awaiting the arrival of the flag. This was really neat, but I explained I was headed over to East Osceola. “You better get moving then! Its almost time!” When we reached the summit of East, I couldn’t decide if I should hang the flag on the summit or at a better lookout post. I scrambled out to the lookout off to the west, and rigged up the pole to the tallest tree I could get to. A very nice man stopped to help us , as we had to pass the flag out to this rock ledge over some bushes and shorter trees. Many hikers stopped to ask questions and just say Thank you. It was wonderful to talk to people, and hear their reflections . I handed out the mission statement also.
    Other hikers came through remarking that our flag was very visible from Osceola, however around 1:00, the fog rolled in thick! We caught glimpses of red,white and blue on Osceola. We did not get over to Osceola in time to see the flag there.
    We later stopped in twin mountain for much needed shower! Then headed to the Mooseland Grill to meet up with familiar faces and some new ones. It was nice to meet Mtn Magic, and the8re! Before my meal, I read over some of the passages from the notebook Little Bear had on Jefferson. This was a wonderful idea…it brought the whole meaning back down to earth for me.
    Thank you to everyone organizing the event! Greg, the8re and Frodo! I will be there in 2004 – and maybe like Cathy and Silent Cal, will make my “48” on that date. Pictures will be coming soon, but I had a disposal digital camera and the disk takes a few days – bummer. Go to

    for a wonderful story on Elizabeth Kovalcin, the story is titled “Leaning Forward”.