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    Ct. Trampers: Cuzin Tommy posting for our leader Al-dog (on a 3 day solo over the Carters). The six of us hit the trail by 8:00, this years crew included Sarah, Tim, Jim, Doug, Al, and me. We headed up Falling Waters trail, and had a beautiful hike, that got even better when we arrived at the top of Haystack, the views where incredible 😀 . We also had many “whats the pvc for?” type questions, our replies ranged from, plumbing for an outhouse, to the worlds longest bong 😮 😀 . When we finally told people what we where doing we received much praise!!!

    We arrived earlier than planned and had the flag up by 11:30 and after a few adjustements we had it back up by 11:45!!! Most people where very receptive to the idea and we received many, THANK-YOU’s.. I wish we had someone as smart as Kris (from Mt. Jefferson) and we brought a log book. There where many people with kind words and it would have been nice to have there words to share with all of you.

    We were able to see the flag from Mt Laffette w/the naked eye and w/ binoculars Garfield and West Bond (GREAT JOB ) :wink:. At around 1:30 we where paid a visit from our flag neighbors, from Mt. Laffette, :beer: stopped by to say hello. Soon after they left there was a break in traffic, so we dropped the pole, and tossed it off into the woods!!! 😮 Just KIDDING, the naturalist was concerned about us hiking out our pole and made it a point to ask everyone in our group the same question,”what are you going to do with that pole when your finished?” We assured him we where going to hike it all out, and we did, we need the pole for many years to come, the Ct Trampers are hooked on this event.

    SORRY we missed the gathering at the Mooseland, but time and location didn’t permit us to make the trip. We will be there next year!!!!!!!!!
    To everyone who arranged and participated in this event GREAT JOB and the Ct. Trampers thank all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beer: 8)