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    Ahh-yupp! Well it’s nice to know you have dependable help…not. Team LOMU turned into LOMU, lonely LOMU. I had to do a quick reassessment of my flag pole design. I determined that my design from last year was too much to carry. I dug through my gear and found that my tarp pole would work perfect if doubled up. I found the hike annihilating; I over packed in anticipation of poor weather and could have gotten better sleep (so, stupid!). Something about thinking your running way late and being in trees constantly makes progress seem slow. A funny part was right around the time that I was getting discouraged, I stopped for a breather. In the process of reaching for my water I dropped a trekking pole which disturbed the largest bees nest I have ever heard. Well nothing like the vision of having a beard of bees to kick start your pace. I envisioned the movie “My Girl”, and those episodes of Tom and Jerry involving bees in a formation of an arrow. Anyways after emerging from tree line it turned into a fantastic hike, I can’t complain about the weather and I was dedicated to the cause. I got nothing, but positive feed back even from the US Park Ranger that was at the summit. He snapped a photo and told me he appreciated what we were doing (he had already known about the event.). I saw, no other flags on any peaks and started wondering if I had the right day. After an hour of flag flying I descended, a truly awesome day. Stopped by the Moose Land Grill at about 5:30 and the place was empty, 4 cars max. I waited for about 20 min. and boogied back home. Great Job People! Great Job America!

    Log: I started up Valleyway at about 9:15 (a little late), but Frodo insisted 3 hrs was plenty of time. You were right on dude!

    I peaked at approx. 12:15 let several people know what the cause was and all found it to quote one person “inspiring”.

    I began my decent at approx. 1:20 stopping only for water. Hammered down and got to my car at 4:25.