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    Grace and myself actually started to plan this hike after last year’s event. I remember mentioning to our friend Jayne, “Wouldn’t it be cool to finish our 48 and carry the flag as well”. The day started off with a pit stop at Lafayette Campground to wish Jaytrek a good day and then we drove to the Signal Ridge trailhead. Upon taking the pole out of the truck, another couple thanked us for being the flagbearers for the mountain. We trudged up Signal Ridge and stopped at the viewpoint 1/2 mile from the summit. From there Grace raced to the summit. I plodded and arrived soon after and our flag was raised at about 11:45. The couple from the parking lot(Tim and Vicki) gave us high fives and we began to pose for photos with the flag. We began at noon to search for flags and North Hancock jumped right out at us. (Good job Jayne!!) We are pretty sure that we saw the one on Jackson as well. Soon we had about 35 people on the tower and many read the mission statement and event history and commented on what a wonderful idea it was. Many people said “thank you” and had other nice things to say. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up. We made our way down and over to the Mooseland grill. We saw some old faces from last year in Marianne, Jayne and Frodo. We were delighted in the company of Mtnmagic, Skye, Laura, Wendy, Lisa, Stephen, MichealJ, Max, and Jaytrek. (sorry if I forgot anyone). I hope someone can post the group photo that was taken. Overall we thourghly enjoyed the event and the camaderie that goes along with it. Count me for next year!