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My friend Jenifer and I, after a Friday night stay at Guyot, got up to West Bond around 11:30am on Saturday. I was surprised at how warm it was up there, with just the shallowest of breezes. Up on the summit I found our friends John and June who we’d met a Guyot, another gentleman, and much to my shock and pleasant surprise, my coworker Tova and her husband Ron! What a great treat.

It was hot up there, with just a bit of a breeze. I quickly got the flag together and everyone helped my work out the guy lines. We looked around and between naked eyes and my small binoculars could see flags flying on Bondcliff, Carrigain, South Twin, Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, and Liberty!

Just past noon we gathered around to sing the national anthem, then relaxed and talked. A little after one o’clock, watching the clouds pour over Franconia Ridge and the Sandwich range, I decided that, given the 8+ mile slog back to the car, I had to disassemble a bit early. I met a number of people on the trail who had seen the flag from Bond or Bondcliff and were thrilled and thankful. The public knowledge of this year’s event was much more widespread than last year, and it felt great every time I’d see someone on the trail, and they’d recognize the flag bandanna on my head and the poles on my pack.

We didn’t even get back to the car until 7:15, just in time to not need headlamps, and I’m sorry to have missed so many who’d already left the Mooseland. But it was great to meet Jay and SilentCal and the folks who were still there.

Thanks to my friend Jenifer for helping out, and to the organizers, and to everyone who participated. We done good.